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Research and our lived experience shows that queer and non-queer Black and of Color womxn, femmes, and non-binary folx require a dedicated healing space and approaches that centers their lived experience. Mainstream platforms, virtual or not, don’t address the specific complex trauma we experience nor honor our resiliency.

Intention vs Impact

In this erasure of the complex trauma experience and our own understanding of our healing & resiliency, we are often harmed by “mainstream” appeals which often ignores the pain caused by racial, gender, and sexual trauma and oppression.

“ We don’t have single- issues struggles because we do not live single issue lives.”- Audre Lorde

Honoring both ancestral and generational knowing and knowing informed by the research, the clinical and lived experience of sexual pleasure and sexual healing of queer and non-queer Black and of Color sexuality is key to our sexual liberation.  The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute, Inc. provides sexual healing workshops, an erotic life coaching program and professional development training to share this liberatory knowing. We are dedicated to creating space & an erotic collective & community for queer and non-queer Black sexuality & other marginalized communities. 

Recognizing that this healing work is not and can not be done solely in academia spaces, The Institute provides professional development training for helping and healing professionals (degreed or not), in addition to, workshops and training for communities, organizations, corporations. 

Our Offerings

Group Life Coaching

The Institute offers two healing programs in group coaching format- SHIFT, the Emotional Coaching Program and Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching, & a sexual healing retreat, Womynism Sacred Circle.

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      Erotic Coaching Training

If you are a life coach, therapist, or healer and want to learn how to best practices to help your client’s  reconnect their body, this training guides you in how to expand your skillset to incorporate eroticism & body-based practices to your toolbox or launch  your own erotic coaching practice. 

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 Somatic Sex Therapy Training

This training is for therapists and counselors with 2 years post graduate clinical experience. This 4-module trauma-responsive system will assist you in understanding The Erotic Self in therapy, developing an intersectional lens to your practice, how to integrated somatic  approaches.

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Holistic Services

In a radical act of self-love and self-acceptance, we, Black and of Color communities, are reclaiming our healing practices indigenous to our Cultures. As a  practice, you see this in movements with Queen Afua, Harriet Apothecary, Heal Haus, Atlanta Tantra, and Sex Down South.

The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute         proudly joins this healing reclaimation movement as our instructors and educators offer their skills of intersectional sex ed,  tarot coaching,  hypnotherapy, body movement, plant medicines education and more.

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 Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching Program

 Grounded in Audre Lorde’s Uses of the Erotic & the academic research in the lived experience of Black sexuality, the 90-day erotic coaching is designed to transform your healing with the synergy of the mind-body connection with eroticism and pleasure. 

Offered in a variety of live group coaching collectives and as self-paced course, Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching Program supports you as a trauma-responsive system in your journey to manifesting sexual healing, sexual pleasure, and sexual liberation.

  The live group coaching collectives include:

 (1) Black & of Color womxn, femmes, and non-binary folx Collective 

 (2) All Bodies, All Genders Collective. 

 Note: All Collectives are queer, trans, and bodies affirming. Absolutely no fatphobia, homophobia, nor transphobia will be tolerated. 

Experience the shift this life coaching will bring you. You have several options.

 You can:

1) Begin with the fillable self-reflection e-journal and coaching video, Uses of the Erotic.

2) Join upcoming the LIVE Group Coaching Cohort by registering HERE.

3) Experience LIVE Group Coaching with Queen with the upcoming session-Uses of the Erotic. Register HERE.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

-Author Unknown

Erotic Coaching Certification Program

A Healer takes many different routes to become a healer. At the Institute, we recognize that healing professionals have lived experience that is as important as  being formally (i.e. college) educated. Additionally, we recognize formal education also comes from learning from our elders and ancestral practices.

Informed by the framework of International Coaching Federation for advance training and ethical guidelines for life coaching and the framework of Somatic Sex Therapy, The Institute’s Erotic Coaching Certification teaches you how to integrate erotic practices like breathwork, conscious touch, energy healing, and other transpersonal strategies into your professional and personal healing practice.

This is 6-month program and includes a supervised practicum with established healing professionals.

   Somatic Sex Therapy Training Program

Somatic sexology is not a new concept to sexology, but often seen as fringe because it teaches client’s how to improve their mind-body connection (experience-focus) which is unlike traditional sex therapy’s sensate focus (i.e. outcome/orgasm-focus).

Like many other helping professions, sexology must undergo a transformation to disrupt and de-center dominant narratives that assume heterosexuality and monogamy and challenge research that is framed in those dominant narratives, which are rooted in Euro-centric views and values (i.e. White supremacy).

In this generations’s Civil Rights Movement- Black Lives Matter, moving from trauma-informed to trauma-responsive and being healing-centered is the call to action the Black and of Color communities have demanded for their healing. This requires challenging the sexological assumptions of the pathology within Black and of Color sexuality, the minimizing of the oppressive and complex trauma, and the weaponizing of Black skin. It also requires addressing the systematic and institutional impact of service and clinical delivery which often shames melanated sexuality.

The Institute’s brand of Somatic Sex Therapy is an decolonizing intersectional queer and trans affirming approach to sex therapy and sex education highlighting Afrocentric and other indigenous frameworks of sexuality and sexual healing.

With an intersectional lens, this 6-month training teaches the mind-body connection and how to improve one’s relationship to touch, pleasure, desire, and eroticism.

To explore how this training program can help you expand your capacity to hold space for marginalized bodies, begin with our course- Intersectional Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Approach.


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