About the Institute

Healing the whole-self

Led by Clinical Somatic Sexologist, Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed., The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute, Inc. (i.e. The Healing Institute) provides comprehensive healing-centered erotic and sexual health education and professional development training from an intersectional lens that centers queer and non-queer Black sexual healing.

 Honoring the mind-body relationship of The Erotic Self (Gilbert, 2018), The Healing Institute’s is grounded in reclaiming of the intimate relationship between sexuality and spirituality. This reclamation allows for a fulfilling and unshamed relationship and embodiment of sensuality, pleasure, and healing. Healing The Erotic Self is healing the WHOLE-Self.

With an intersectional lens and informed by indigenous transpersonal healing practices from marginalized communities, The Healing Institute supports the resiliency of marginalized sexuality and personhood. The Healing Institute’s approach challenges “the defaults” or dominant societal messages and misinformation which oppresses human sexuality,  comprehensive sexuality education, and sexual healing. Our offerings include erotic coaching workshops & training, professional development trainings, and healing retreats.

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Launched in 2017, Womynism Sacred Circle, a 1-day sexual healing retreat for Black womxn, femmes, and non-binary folx, was curated as an intersectional, trauma-responsive, narrative-centered, and body-affirming experience. Honoring the diversity of Blackness and the impact of oppression, The Circle eventually expanded to include of Color womxn, femmes, & non-binary folx. The Circle highlighted a relationship between sexual healing and sexual pleasure. To understand that relationship, it became important to develop a pleasure-centered education and training resource where Black sexual healing was centered and developed with decolonizing queer and trans-expansive worldview. The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute, Inc. evolved from the integration of this retreat with decolonizing scholarship, clinical experience, & lived experience of sexual pleasure among queer and non-queer Black womxn, femmes, & folx. An annual event-The Circle continues to be a sexual healing space for Black and of Color womxn, femmes, & non-binary folx.


“I want an erotic that demands space be made for honest bodies that like to F*CK.”- Joan Morgan, PhD

What We Focus On


Pleasure-activism is not just word play. It is how we live and what we embody. Pleasure is our birthright and we are here to reclaim.


Joy is the secret sauce to the resiliency of Black people-worldview. When examined in queer culture, Black joy is radical for both the mind and the body.

Collective Healing

With Ujamaa and from a decolonizing Afro-centric queer theory , honoring both generational and ancestral wisdom is central to healing. The collective is critical to one’s ability to thrive.

Relationships & Intimacy

Love  & relationship styles vary- whether you are monogamous or non-monogamous, we honor how you love and what is need to keep the intimacy of that love.


Trauma impacts our ability to trust. In the practice of radical honesty, we provide safer spaces for one to process their truth and improve their relationship to their intution.

Touch & Erotic Intelligence

 The mind-body connection is required to experience pleasure. Our focus of integrating the erotic with body-based practices is foundational to healing AND thriving.

MORE About the Founder 

I am Queen… (she/they/SistaSexologist) 

Where I am in my healing which began 18 years is a long way from where I started. That beginning  marks the beginning of my healing practice as both a practitioner and facilitator of healing.  In my professional life, I am private practice somatic sex therapist, sex educator, erotic coach, planet medicine advocate, and professional development coach. In my personal life, I am queer, gender fluid, polyamorous, kinky, lofi traphousejazz hippie, sexual-spiritual, spiritual-sexual, and erotic human being.  Who am I personally informs & impacts how I show up professionally; code-switching or not.

 I  believe we all experience our own unique set of events that affect our emotional, mental, spiritual,  and sexual well-being- our WHOLE Self.

In this belief, The Institute will assist you in unpacking and unlearning the negativity you learned about yourself as a result of your interactions with family, friends/peer groups, community, culture, &  mainstream standards of eroticism, sexual pleasure, desirability, and everything in between.

The programs and services offered will also allow healing professionals to challenge their biases and understanding about the erotic and who gets to be sexual. More importantly, the offerings will be a ripple in the pond to transform sexual healing. 



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