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The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute, Inc. (TWSHI) was created as a sacred space by Clinical Somatic Sexologist, Erotic Coach, & Professional Development Coach Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW. M.Ed. (she/they). TWSHI is a federally designated non-profit organization [509(a)(2)]  providing comprehensive healing-centered erotic and sexuality education, in addition to, personal and professional learning opportunities. Centering Black and of Color womxn, femmes and non-binary folx’s sexual healing and assisting the healing professionals who want to better support us, these learning opportunities are informed by evidence-based sexological research, the lived experience of Black & other marginalized sexualities, their ancestral and generational wisdom and healing practices. 

 TWSHI framework is rooted in decolonizing intersectional queer-affirming & body-based (somatic) approaches and best practices that is sex-positive and pleasure-centered.  These practices challenge historical & current oppression of melanated sexuality that often is grounded in anti-Blackness & racism (U.S & Global)- which further marginalizes queer and trans Black women, femmes, & non-binary folx.  TWSHI is the home of Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching Program, Intersectional Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Approach (I-CBT), Somatic Sex Therapy,  Erotic Coaching, the Clinical Entrepreneurship Program and the sexual healing retreat, Womynism Sacred Circle.

Offerings include: Life Coaching, Erotic Coaching, Tarot Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Professional Development Support, Workshops, Trainings, & Keynotes.  Sign up for our event blog to get early notice on The Healing Institute’s happenings.

Why Join the Institute?

From ancestral wisdom to modern contemporaries, it is widely known sexuality has an intimate relationship with spirituality. With that understanding, TWSHI reclaims the sex-positive intimate relationship between sexuality and spirituality through the decolonizing embodiment of healing, joy, and pleasure with healing practices indigenous to Black and of Color folx.

Healing is both/and, not either/or. Our embodied experience validates our truth of sexuality & spirituality being two sides of the same coin. In our journey to sexual liberation, that embodiment is called The Erotic Self.

We are a community of healers who are seeking to both heal our relationship to The Erotic Self and our communal relationship to others. Furthermore, we recognize for others to be able to support us, they must be trained by us.


What the Journey Looks Like


 Life Coaching

From trauma narrative to healing narrative (Johnson, 2020), The WHOLE-Self Healing Institute offers trauma-responsive life coaching that can be used as both stand alone support and in collaboration to therapy.


Erotic Coaching

Grounded in Audre Lorde’s Uses of the Erotic- Healing the Erotic Self Life Coaching is designed to center our resiliency & affirm our right to create our own narrative, in addition to, nurture our peace, our pleasure, our protection, and our prosperity.

Healing the Erotic Self is a somatic trauma-responsive erotic coaching program designed to reclaim pleasure and transform your relationship to healing. 


Professional Development

Supporting Black and of Color folx’s sexual healing requires decentering dominant narratives of Euro-centric views and values  (i.e. asexuality and hypersexuality) and centering our agency and autonomy for our peace, prosperity, protection, & pleasure.

Through a decolonizing intersectional queer lens, expand your skill set to will allow you to curate healing spaces that affirm #BlackSexualHealing. 

“Caring for myself  is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” 

 -Audre Lorde

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[Soft Launch] In My Healing: An Intimate Conversation about Pleasure, Power, Pain, Healing, & Liberation

[Soft Launch] In My Healing: An Intimate Conversation about Pleasure, Power, Pain, Healing, & Liberation

Ya SistaSexologist & TWSHI’s Executive Director, Mx. Lena Queen & the TWSHI Instruction Team for a candid, passionate, and sexy conversation regarding about sex, love, shadow work, self-permission, the hard shit about healing, and a vision for liberated living. This radically honest conversation and event is an introduction and fundraiser for The Whole-Self Healing Institute and the kinds of content you can look forward to in the future.

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What Clients Are Saying

“[Queen] allowed me to learn things I never had thought about before (such as mindfulness & eroticism); exploration.” 

-Workshop Attendee (Nov. 2019)

“This opened my eyes to suggestions to work on my body [relationship].”

-Workshop Attendee (Nov. 2019)

“This is a reminder to me as a facilitator and a coach to check in with clients on where they’re at/what they want to get out of the work together instead of coming in with a “strict” agenda to follow. Thank you so much!”

-Workshop Attendee (June 2020)


-Workshop Attendee ( June 2020)

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